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IT organizations face a number of  significant challenges, including rising stakeholder expectations of IT, flat or declining IT budgets, challenging  economic conditions, increased  globalization and the continual emergence of new technologies. To achieve high performance, IT organizations need to work differently and take advantage of technology in new ways. Companies must identify which IT capabilities are most critical to the success of the overall enterprise, and shape an IT organization and capability that supports the business in a cost-effective manner. 

IT transformation is an approach that can help improve the performance of the IT function via large-scale changes to culture, processes and technology. URS Systems has extensive experience with IT transformation programs, and we have helped many leading organizations use our approach to achieve results more quickly than they could have on their own. By targeting a number of quick wins early in the implementation stage, a company generally covers the cost of the entire transformation in the first year of the initiative.

Additional potential benefits of our IT transformation approach include

Closer business/IT alignment

• A reduction in IT costs of more than 30 percent

• Redirection of a significant portion of IT expenditures from non-strategic projects to strategic ones creating new capabilities and business value

• Increased IT efficiency and effectiveness

• Higher quality IT services

• Smoother post-merger integration

• Faster time to market

Done right, IT transformation enables a company’s IT organization to execute the right processes more efficiently and effectively, optimize its technology sourcing strategy, renew the company’s technology base, simplify the existing application architecture and develop new capabilities. Companies that can do all of this can not only achieve compelling short-term results, but also lay the groundwork for long-term high performance by creating IT organizations that are able to learn and change as the business evolves.

URS Systems has applied its extensive experience and capabilities to create a unique IT transformation approach aimed at improving the performance of the IT function. Our approach relies on tested methodologies and tools to help companies quickly and cost-effectively surmount the challenges of IT transformation, unlocking its full potential for high performance. We take a collaborative approach to IT transformation—working with your team to jointly make fact-based decisions targeted at delivering business value.

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