Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Taking advantage of the growing demand for broadband services by small and medium enterprises, financial institutions and defence forces in the underpenetrated areas, it's time to leverage on these opportunities. VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal) services are proving to be an important response solution for government agencies in ensuring telecom connectivity in the affected regions, thereby opening up a new area of opportunity.

As more banks and financial institutions expand their reach in underbanked areas in order to achieve their financial inclusion targets, the demand for VSAT services is bound to increase. Another major business driver for the VSAT segment is the educational services industry. Many educational institutes are demanding VSAT services to provide tele-classroom facilities to their students on campus.

Various government agencies are offering or planning to offer e-governance services in the fields of health care, finance and education in rural areas, creating significant demand for VSAT services. Apart from the rise in demand for VSAT services, the fall in VSAT prices by nearly 20 per cent over the past three years has helped the industry grow. Many small enterprises with limited budgets are now considering opting for VSAT services owing to the price reduction. Most of these enterprises are located in areas with poor or limited broadband connectivity. 

Going forward, the BFSI, government and defence sectors are likely to dominate the demand for these services. Leveraging its expertise in providing 24x7 broadband connectivity to financial institutions and government agencies, VSAT can help strengthen the market position.

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