Monday, 19 January 2015


India has now emerged as a land of aspirations, the American business community to invest in a big way in the government's ambitious programs like Digital India and Make in India, which will change the face of the country. Describing India as a "happening place" and a land of aspirations, Communications and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has appealed to US businesses to invest in the country in a big way especially in ambitious programs like Make in India. Sharing details of the recently launched programs like Digital India and Make in India, Prasad said India was now the most happening place in the world. 

"There is enormous scope for investment, growth and also very exciting business prospects. India today is a happening place. Narendra Modi's mission was that the internet must reach more than 620 million by 2018. 

"India would become a very powerful digitally connected world. This would lead to a good architecture for electronic delivery of service. The entire contour of India is change. "India is sitting at the cusp of a big digital revolution. Digital India would be a real game changer for the country. 

"If and when that happens, it is surely going to impact the global economy," he said, adding that e-commerce has now started to take off in India and Digital India opens new opportunities for all. 

"Use of technology is an important tool to fulfill this idea of aspiration. The creative energy of India is waiting to show its accomplishments again. Indians want to realize their dreams in view of the extraordinary vision.

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