Thursday, 18 December 2014


  •          Telecoms Capex investment to touch $346 bn in 2015 with flat growth
Telecom service providers are expected to invest $346 billion towards capital spending (Capex) in 2015, indicating a flat growth. In 2014, Capex in fixed line telecom operations was 41 percent of $346 billion, while 59 percent was in wireless business of operators.

  •         Telecoms to invest $1.7 trillion as Capex in networks during 2014-2020
Telecom service providers globally will invest $1.7 trillion in mobile network infrastructure during 2014-2020 and main focus will be 4G LTE networks, said GSMA.
4G accounts for 5 percent of mobile connections at present. 4G penetration as a percentage of connections is 69 percent in South Korea, 46 percent in Japan and 40 percent in the US, but 4G penetration in the developing world stands at 2 percent.

  •          Mobile industry Capex to touch $1.1 trillion during 2013-17: GSMA
In the next 5 years, mobile industry will contribute $2.6 trillion to public funding. In 2017, companies across the ecosystem will employ nearly 10 million people globally, according to a study by the GSMA. With the number of mobile subscribers standing at 3.2 billion people, nearly half of the world’s population now uses mobile communications.
It is expected that a further 700 million subscribers will be added by 2017 and the 4 billion-subscriber milestone will be reached in 2018.

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