Monday, 15 December 2014


The Challenge:

Thanks to recent innovations in the mobile device industry, demand for mobile applications has soared. In fact, consumers have already downloaded billions of applications for mobile devices, and industry reports point to ongoing rapid growth in the mobile apps market.

At the same time, malware continues to infect sites at an explosive rate. The proliferation of mobile applications – and the growing threat posed by malware – mean that mobile devices and networks now face an even greater risk of becoming infected with malicious content. Once an infection occurs, the consequences can be potentially disastrous for consumers, developers, and network operators alike.

The Solution:

Mobile application developers need to secure their code and content to protect the integrity of their software and the reputation of their business. Similarly, consumers need assurances that the latest cool game or productivity application that they are downloading to their mobile device is coming from a trusted source and has not been tampered with during transit. At the same time, legitimate independent software vendors (ISVs) who typically publish multiple applications – and several versions of each application – need easy-to-use tools to track and administer their software. Robust tools, such as a Web-based management portal, can track releases and safely “recall” specific versions that become infected without impacting the rest of their published applications.

An adaptable, a versatile, easy-to-manage code signing solution that allows developers to create applications for specific mobile platform vendors and enterprises needs to be designed. For example, software development houses may use enterprise-class code signing to secure internal applications. Software testing companies can use this service as part of their certification process, either internally or as part of a requirement by their customers. Firmware development companies can use customized code signing services to help ensure their firmware’s integrity.

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